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  Conduction band states Nc 2.89E+19 2.89E+19
  Valence band states Nv 3.14E+19 3.14E+19
  Ionised acceptors NA 9.99E+14
  Effective intrinsic carrier conc. ni eff 9.65E+9 9.92E+9
  Electron concentration n 9.65E+9 9.85E+4
  Hole concentration p 9.65E+9 9.99E+14
  Conduction band Ec 0.564 0.563
  Electron Fermi level EFn 0.000 -0.298
  Hole Fermi level EFp 0.000 -0.298
  Valence band Ev -0.566 -0.566
  Band gap Eg 1.130 1.129
  Band gap narrowing ΔEg 0.001





Energy bands vs NA for equilibrium

Temperature Energy

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Welcome to the band gap calculator

This calculator determines the band gap of silicon at any temperature, dopant concentration, and excess carrier concentration.

It also determines the energy of the conductance band, valence band, electron Fermi level, and hole Fermi level, as well as the effective intrinsic carrier density at equilibrium and steady state.


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Version 1.4, 3-Jul-2014

New in this version:

  • Added inputs to band gap narrowing model of Yan & Cuevas (2014) for B-doped silicon to the table on the about page.

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